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This application is a simple, cost effective solution to needing high quality, interactive warning sirens as part of film, television, or theatre without the need for expensive, dedicated siren units. For best results, connect an external loudspeaker to your mobile device. Ideal for Medics, First Responders (see disclaimer), and onsite Security where siren units would cost way too much.

No ads, and a sharp interface. Police, Fire, Ambulance. All at your fingertips. It's a soundboard with a professional touch.

Code3 is designed to be both self explanatory and feel natural to use. Sirens can be activated by tapping the corresponding button once. Tap it again to turn the siren off. Alternatively, tap another button to instantly switch to that siren. Horns are sounded by holding the desired horn button for as long as needed. If you sound a horn while a siren is active, the siren will pause for the duration of the horn and resume when the horn is released.

Sirens (blue) included are the 4 staple international sirens:
Wail: A long tone starting low and reaching a high tone before returning to the start,
Yelp: Faster cycle between high and low tone
Phaser: A fast, piercing, almost "bell like" favoured by Hollywood... and the NYPD.
Hilo: A classic US Ambulance must have. Two tones, high, then low.

In addition to the 4 above, we've also included two experimental broadband sirens (orange).
Breaker: A scramble of rapidly changing dual tone, multi frequency siren, trialled by West Yorkshire Police in 2001.
Broad Hilo: Similar to the Hilo, but easier for the human ear to locate.

Plus three horns (green) for that extra effect.
Monotone: High pitch single tone. Very sharp sound, and will most likely drive people bonkers.
Polytone: Three tones just like a car horn.
Bullhorn: Another crowd dispersing tone, also favoured by Hollywood and the NYPD.

Bonus "reverse caution" included (light blue). It's a beeping warning tone. It's bus for, "I'm moving backwards, get out of my way."

Additional functions include predefined siren patterns (yellow) which will cycle through until stopped, or you take control by tapping another siren.

Coming soon: Code3: Euro Edition. Classic European sirens at the tap of a finger.

It is recommended that this app not be used in public place without permission from local authorities as doing so may be unlawful. The application developer and publisher cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this application.

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