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The maze of Pipo

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Pipo is a dog that loves to play Pipo helps to go through a series of mazes and go picking your items to put them in your house, help your friends Pipo and Suso, and Dingo Greky carry objects Pipo, bone , the bowl to eat, the toy, a tennis ball or a newspaper to your house before the time runs out, and all this knowing that every time you bump into the wall and you'll lose 2 seconds at the beginning of the maze.

If you make it through the level will tell you how fast you did it, as well as the times I've crashed and a number of stars depending on the seconds it takes you to get to the booth.

Fancy Pipo help in this adventure?

You have 9 levels, Can you get 3 stars on all of them?.

Game is intended for children, can play any age, and especially people who like animals

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** I would like to know that you like or do not like about the app, and what you would like to have, what you would like that was not allowed and has no positive reviews, as critics for improvement.

Game *** made ??exclusively in flash with actionscript 3.

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