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Embalming Lenin’s Body

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World leaders came and went away forever. But what they have done for their nation can’t be estimated. Great leaders were born in most difficult time for a country. But very often people can’t believe that after all he has done, finally he is dead. Once it happens with every one of us and with most great leaders as well. People cling to the thread at all costs and try not to give their unforgettable leader to leave forever. This happened with Lenin in Soviet Union. He died on January 21, 1924. It was almost 100 years ago. But so far, his embalmed body is kept in the mausoleum in Moscow. That time it was a daunting task - not to give to the leader of the October Revolution leave his people, who need him so much. The best minds were working on the procedure of embalming the body of the great leader. And it was well managed.

Embalming Lenin’s Body features:
- realistic medical details
- feel like real doctor
- you can see the whole process of embalming
- absolutely outstanding hero - Lenin from USSR

In our game, we tried to recreate the process of embalming Lenin’s body such as it is described in historical documents. Touch history with us.

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