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Return to the wilderness with our new stunning hunting simulator Wild Deers Hunter Survival. This intense hunting game will immediately involve you into ancient time when kind mammals had to fight with dangerous predators. Fight for everyone in a dynamic physics game Wild Deers Hunter Survival.

Wild cats, tigers and foxes are hungry and ready to attack right now. They are too many! Help save your favourite animals by dragging these nasty predators off the deer and handing it vital heart shaped powerups. Choose your side with Wild Deers Hunter Survival – save good and kind mammoth, panda, sheep, dinosaur, deer or make them a food for dangerous predators like tiger!

Explore a wild world, immerse yourself in diverse environments filled with different animal species. Take a chance to meet prehistoric times animals, visit wild fields, deserts and jungle. You have nothing to do but protect the animal from wild predators attacks.

Swipe as fast as you can, drag and drop the predators to push them away and save the mammoth, deer, panda, etc. Sometimes foxes and cats go absolutely crazy and the only way to stay the deer alive use special heart powerups. Don’t let these little evils to hurt big and kind animals!

Wild Deers Hunter Survival features:
- FREE to play wild world hunter simulator
- Simple but really awesome graphics
- Easy control game – drag and drop and swipe
- Five cool levels for more fun and pleasure
- Different colorful backgrounds and animals
- A lot of Easter eggs from developers
- Perfect time killer for kids and adults

Fight! Fight like it is your last fight! Wild Deers Hunter Survival is cool swiper game for everyone who has nothing to do! Have you ever seen deer fight or panda fight, maybe even mammoth fight? Become brave animal saver and let these pretty animals stay happy and alive!

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