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This adoption baby book (scrapbook) application is dedicated to adoptive families.

The decision to adopt a child is the most important step you took as a future parent. Happy moment of welcoming the child into our family becomes a celebration of your family, friends and even adoption professionals.

As parents we try our best to provide a good home and a joy of childhood. But as professionals, we know that true bond of trust between parents and a child is build with honesty about the adoption. Your parenthood will be full of unforgettable memories.

We have created a baby book app to capture these unforgettable moments in a fun and organized manner. While adoption experts and many users also emphasized that the app is an excellent tool to tell the child about the adoption in a positive way.

Our baby book guides you through main steps of parenthood and childhood. You will record your memories by inserting photos or video material with additional text descriptions into cute templates. The templates are selected according to events that we believe are the most memorable to be. This way your precious moments will never fade away or get lost.

The application was created by an adoptee through her personal experience. Her vision was to make a personal contribution in the world of “adoption” by creating a fun and helpful tool for parents. The author is strongly involved in the “adoption” community with publishes and humanitarian projects with the goal to break the stigma of adoptions and facilitates adoptive families in time of questions and need for help.
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You can use the app on mobile phones and tablets.

Download an app, insert a photo of you and your beloved one and your family diary can start the journey.

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