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Been stuck on an island and want to escape, but do not know how to swim and have no tools to build a raft? The only way to escape is by jumping on turtles. Yeah, you heard it right - jump on turtles. Do you think it is easy? Try yourself and beat your friends by jumping as far as you can. Control your hero and avoid drowning in the breezing spring ocean. Tap the screen and your hero will fall down faster. To make game more dynamic we've added some powerups - floating boxes. Jump on them to collect. Some of them like slowdown of turtles, invincibility mode help you and make it easier to play, but some of them like night time, earthquake, small turtles create big challenge. The longer you play the more familiar with different powerups you become so it's up to you to decide whether to pick it or not. Spend your spare minute playing this great pixel art style platformer.

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