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Tech News?????
Features the tech News from your favorite websites all in ONE app from the likes of Mashable, Digg, Techcrunch, Wired, Slashdot,
PC World, Engadget, Geek, Gizmodo, Information Week, Lifehacker, Techmeme, Tom's Hardware, MobileCrunch and more

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? Set Favourites. This feature allows you to organize
your tech news listings by favourites.
? Add tech site to the app
? Delete website from your list
? Adjustable font size
? Autofavorites: News read more often will go up on your
? Open with standard internet browser
? Sort by "A-Z" and "Frequently Read"

? One Finger access to the following sites:
? Arts Technica
? Geek
? bit-tech
? DailyTech
? Computer World
? Gizmodo
? GigaOM
? InfoWorld
? Lifehacker
? Information Week
? Mashable
? MobileCrunch
? Maximum PC
? PC Magazine
? PC World
? ReadWriteWeb
? Slashdot
? Steam
? TUAW-Apple Weblog
? TechCrunch
? TechSpot
? The Register
? Techmeme
? Wired
? ZDNet
? Tom's Hardware
? venturebeat

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