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Surat-al Kursi verse;

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Application ALLAH CC. Made for the sake of.

Such as advertising, etc. Each inn. available.

ALLAH CC. Kursi verse of Surat al-hand downloader sevaplar?n?n Reading and Syria, listening all the Muslim brothers and Verse-el Kursi virtue of the resulting doubling times let our sentences fortune.

Verse-el Kursi Virtues

Read Ayetel Kürsi home are not the devil. Witch can not be. Continue reading Ayetel person Kursi, and the supreme authority in the world both in the afterlife is reached. Begins to abstain from sins. Comes to rest in peace. Position and authority increases.

 17 words, 50 letters in number of times number of times stopping places Ayetel Kürsi number of times 313 times 170 messengers and his companions number of times the person who reads my rent every desire is fulfilled. Courage increases. Love, esteem and reputation among the people multiply. Authority wants to reach. No one can hurt him. Prophet Muhammad in S.A.V. reads the names of the world and the otherworldliness about 201 times number of times requests is not reversed.

 Ayetel Kursi, eat such things as wheat, rice, barley, 313 times each okunu?ta reading that thing that increases fertility, fertility üflenirse what happens.

 The person who has the habit of reading every day Ayetel Kürsiyi GOD forgives the sins of the past. Recitation of both reads and Monotheism is fulfilled. This is a message from a superior.

 There are 34 Kürside Ayetel divine name. 17 open or closed as of 17. There are 17 letters in the letter vav 17 mim at the same time. The greatest name of Allah Kürside Ayetel available. This is why prayer is accepted by Ayetel Kürsi.

 Needless to Ayetel and desire to be a Kürsiyi read it on something means. Continue reading this verse can benefit from the more in proportion.

S?dd?klar read this verse, but the prophets and martyrs will continue. If you continue to read Person martyred in ethics and morality s?dd?klar?n reach.

 Continue reading the person who Kürsiyi Ayetel, GOD will be beneficial to open the doors. Science teaches. Confidential information and teaches you ways to treat. It is apparent both esoteric knowledge, has ever known.

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