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Meet Baby Ella and go on a fun picnic together!

Baby Ella on a Picnic is a cute free baby girls cares where you'll need to look after and care for your new best friend, Baby Ella. This is a fun game for kids that will teach you how to look after a cute preschool toddler.

Baby Ella loves to get outside and explore the park and today she wants to go on a fun picnic with you! Can you help Ella get ready for her picnic and have a fun time? Help her prepare the picnic basket and gather up the toys she will need. Keep her happy otherwise Baby Ella will become sad and cry.

Let's Make Sandwiches!
A perfect picnic needs the perfect sandwich! Ella is too young to make them herself, so can you help her prepare some delicious and healthy sandwiches? You will need to butter the bread and layer them with ham, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Yummy!

Time to Pack the Picnic Basket!
Oh no! Ella can't find all the items she needs for her picnic basket, can you have a look? Try to find and place all items in the picnic hamper quickly. She'll need a change of clothes, her baby bottle and some fun toys to play with, including her Frisbee, yo-yo and soccer ball.

Let's Have Fun at the Park!
Baby Ella has arrived at the park and wants to enjoy the sun. Care for her needs by feeding her sandwiches and a tasty cupcake, and then keep her happy by playing fun games in the park... Can you fly a colorful kite around the park?

Care for Ella!
Keep Ella happy by performing all of the tasks within the time limit. If you take too long, Ella will become upset and may cry!

Game Features:
>Play with Baby Ella!
>Go on a fun picnic together.
>Help Baby Ella prepare sandwiches for the picnic.
>Find all of the hidden items needed for her day out.
>Enjoy the picnic by playing fun games.
>Complete all three games in the time limit.
>Care for Baby Ella by keeping her happy!

What You Get With Baby Ella on a Picnic:
>3 fun levels.
>Over 30 items to interact with.
>Baby Ella on a Picnic is completely FREE with NO In-App Purchases.
>Enjoy and care for cute Baby Ella!

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