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BBDDi Drees Room S3(Feminine)

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BBDDi DressRoom S3 - New Feminine

Search with "BBDDI" and download BBDDi Dress Room S1, S2

Fresh Fashion Romance BBDDi Marchand( produced in one-third of App ^ ^

That's a BBDDi DressRoom sample 3 - New Feminine

This App is feminine Women's Wear.

Intro screen, click the screen and go to DressRoom move.

first, you choose clothes you want then selected clothes go into ItemBox.
second, you go to StyleRoom (click on the top Button) and you select itemBox then selected cloth into model.
third, you can drag and drop cloth and also move cloth with right control button.

The specific functions
1 In DressRoom, you can zoom item with finger zoom.
2 You can change the background color.(bottom button)
3 You can set background loading your camera Gallery.
4 Can edit loaded background, move, zoom in or out, rotate 90 degrees, the alpha value (transparency) control.
5 Models can hide. A photo of yourself conceal their photos to dip model similar to the model could be dressed ^ ^
6 Drag to move with the arrow keys, and also the items that are placed in the dressing room slightly or move quickly.
7 using the forward and backward buttons to change the value of the depth of clothes.
8 Coated clad clothes in the model to select an item, a tough, old clothes, or the clothes button you can choose the clothes one by one.
9 Click Tip button, you can see five sample Style Model.
10 You can zoom model in StyleRoom with finger Zoom.
11 You can see full screen Mode in StyleRoom
12 You can undo if you drag cloth wrong position..
13 If you capture button in StyleRoom, you can see the capture image in the photo Gallary.
14. Your Coordination can share on Facebook, Twitter and so on... (click Menu Button and "Share My Coordination")

The first app - BBDDi Dress Room S1 (Casual Style)
Second app - BBDDi Dress Room S2 (Fusion Hanbok)
Third app - BBDDi Dress Room S3 (New Feminine)
Fourth app - BBDDi Dress Room S4 (Training)

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