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Remember and find the position of the checkers in each new puzzle. Tap on the tiles and keep in mind the rotation of the matrix. Fun brain game to train your eidetic memory, concentration and improve your eyesight and spatial vision.

Main features:

• Simple game mode with 50+ levels designed to gradually improve your working memory, concentration, spatial vision and other brain skills. Create new neuron connections, Improve your right brain ability just by playing for a few minutes a day.

• Reward system with coins, gems and positive feedback will make your tasks a lot easier. You will become a memory master in no time while having loads of fun!

• Progress through challenging levels! 50+levels, each a different matrix! Increasing difficulty will push your intellect to the limit! The rotation of the board will improve your eyesight and spatial vision as well! Each new matrix will boost your concentration, spatial vision and retention ability.

• The best cognitive game of memory training! Designed with the latest psychology techniques to train and improve your intellect, but in a really fun way! Also improves your attention, spatial vision and eyesight!

• Social features! Check your score and see how you compare to the rest of the world! Share your progress with your friends and SHOW OFF your brain skills!

• 100% FREE! You can download the game for free and train your brain at no cost.

How it works:

• Simple game! play a few minutes a day to easily boost your eidetic memory! Brain training had never been this easy!

• Memorize the position of the checkers in each tile and tap afterwards! AWAKE YOUR MEMORY AND INTELLECT!

• Watch out, the tiles of the board will rotate and change your perspective of the checkers. Awake your right brain power while improving your eyesight and spatial ability!

• GUESS the location of all checkers within a tile set in order to complete the level. Every few levels the game will increase the size of each matrix!

• FIND AND COLLECT the hidden rewards in each matrix in order to boost your score and progress further!

• SHARE your score with your friends everytime you improve it and try to develop an eidetic memory!

Good for children
Royal Checkers was scientifically designed in order to improve brain skills of people of all ages. It is a great complement for education that helps with development of working memory, eyesight and concentration. It was designed to be perceived like a fun game whose core mechanics would improve intellect. It can awake their ability to remember and boost their concentration.

Become a memory master in no time!
Our game includes all the cognitive mechanics that will improve right brain skills. It is not like other brain games. Its core mechanic consists of memorizing the position of checkers, but the checkers can also rotate and blink. With just a few minutes a day, you will be able to increase your retention very easily, and improve your intellect and eyesight ability. Based on the latest psychology techniques.

Play now and awake your eidetic memory!

A great way of fighting against 'Digital Amnesia'

Many people begin to suffer digital amnesia, which in psychology means they tend to forget information that can be found online, thanks to the newest technology. Based on the concept of neuroplasticity, Royal Checkers can form new neuron connections in order to boost certain cognitive skills that are crucial to you and increase your retention.

If you want to prevent amnesia and dementia download our game now!

About Beebrite
Beebrite is a company that researches and develops technology that helps improve brain performance and intelligence of people. We combine the best techniques from neuroscience, machine learning and cognitive psychology to build powerful algorithms for our brain training engine, Neurohex™.

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