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Does your kid likes to build an create amazing worlds? You are in the right place then! Tooth fairy is preparing to build a magic city where everything is possible, but she needs help to start the work.
Please help her build the most fantastical fairy city that ever existed and we guarantee you will experience chalenges never encountered and you will have fun doing it.
Our tooth fairy found the perfect place for building the fairy city,so you can begin your journey into fairy construct world by chosing amazing and outstandig house designs , beautiful trees and flowers to transform it into a world full of colors and brightness.
From tree houses, to houses that seemed drawn from fairytales ,you have the chance to build an amazing Tooth Fairy City , where the ponds and fountains are present almost everywhere , where the flowers are magical and different from other worlds.
Start your journey now with our tooth fairy game and build an unique fairy city!
- Amazing graphics
- Puzzle Game
- Easy to use
- Hidden Objects
- Entertaining and educational game
- Simple and intuitive

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