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Sometimes mermaids also can get sick, that is why there are also medical clinics and doctors in the Ocean as well, there are even vets who takes care of the fish pets.
Meet our beautiful mermaid doctor and help her dress up in a new clean robe, get her hair done, wash her teeth and play all the minigames in the level in so that she can find her key and all the things she needs in order to get in time to the clinics.
Our gorgeous mermaid is a very good doctor and as you will discover in all this educational games for babies that she can treat anyone, from the most little fish to baby mermaids, and all the other patients no matter the age.
As you will find out sometimes you will have to play some surgery games, or other small puzzles or labyrinths in order to solve all kinds of disease, even more you will have to prove that you know a bit of chemistry as you will have to learn how to combine different natural ingredients in the right way so that you can treat your patients and get them healthy.
This fun girls game as you can see is like a fairytale with lots of adventures, challenges and all kinds of wonderful surprises and characters that hides at every step, we don't want to spoil out everything for you so you're welcome to join in and explore all the great things that hides in the Ocean.
Here are just a few of the great features you can enjoy:
- Lots of activities to enjoy
- HQ Graphics, sound and music
- Inside minigames and puzzles
- Simple, very intuitive, suitable for kids of any age
- About 6 levels of fun
- Many characters and medical utensils to play with
- Learn how to use professional medical tools to treat patients
- Cook the right medicine for different treatments

Have fun becoming a real doctor!

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