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Teaching little kindergarten and preschool children about ABC, counting, colours, animals and shapes is easy with our fun and intuitive preschool games.
With lots of beautiful drawings, colorful animals and characters, accompanied by sounds and music, with an easy as 1, 2, 3, menus and buttons, you'll find this game quite easily to interact with, and simple to navigate to the activities you want your children to play.

Starting from the bottom of the map, kids are invited to learn how to draw letters, with voice-overs for each letter, animals to associate with and simple to follow instructions, preschoolers will find this educational game a fun activity to play while learning how to write all the letters of the alphabet!
Numbers are also really simple and fun for kids to draw, at the second stage of the game, where they can follow the instructions and write each number in the correct manner.

After playing around with numbers and letters, kids can go in learning the basics of math. With wonderful illustrations of animals like zebras, dogs, butterflies, and colorful numbers, kids will find these kind of educative games very attractive and fun to play, easy as dragging the number associated with the animals in the right spot, they can learn how to do addition and subtraction in a very cool way!

Surely these are some very engaging educational activities, but there is also a level in the app where kids can relax by playing some puzzles with Shape and objects. Some color matching games, where kids can learn some new colours and names, maybe a fun card memory game and many other simple games of matching, dragging or finding numbers and letters.

Are they feeling very confident of what you have learned so far, well anytime you want to check what you're kids have managed to learn, they can play the exam level, where they will have to complete all kinds of fun challenges, like matching the parts of the body with the corresponding names, helping animals get to their home, or playing a fun labyrinth game and also many other letter puzzles, drawing challenges and also math exercises.

Here are some of the features that this app covers:
- Drawing numbers, shapes, letters and other animals or objects
- Spelling numbers and letters
- Math games, addition and subtraction
- Puzzles
- Matching
- Colors
- Patterns
- Spot the difference

As you will find out preschool learning covers most of the important categories that are suitable and engaging for any kindergarten or preschool children out there. Have fun!

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