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Snowball Shootout is a quirky Christmas game that children and their parents can both enjoy!
Created by, the trusted makers of award-winning online educational games and activities.

There has been a snowstorm in the busythings world and that can only mean one thing... snowball mayhem!!
• Help monkey aim snowballs at the pink men hiding in the trees and igloos!
• See what happens when you hit the nets, targets and passing birds…
• Don’t hit the angel – she won’t be happy!
• Use easy slider controls for power and angle.
• Guideline helps younger players position their shot, older players can play with the guide hidden.
• 16 levels of increasing difficulty.
• Win 5 stars on all levels to see a special Christmas message from busythings!

You can see a demo video of snowball shootout here:

“Snowball Shootout іѕ a quirky game wіth arcade elements children аnd thеіr parents wіll еnјοу”
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