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You've never played solitaire like this before!

We've combined two of the greatest things in the world, Reddit + Solitaire :) The result is the ultimate time waster.

The concept is simple, play standard Klondike Solitaire, but on the front of each card is a random image downloaded from Reddit. Tap a card and jump into full screen view. When you're done laughing your butt off (or not), jump back into solitaire and continue your game.

Awesome? Yes.

This works both sides of your brain at the same time, it's totally addicting.

You can choose from a variety of Reddit feeds, including "nsfw", "funny", "sports", "art", "comics" and many more.

Features include:
* Either 1 or 3 card drops
* Vegas Mode
* Highscores

* Choose from a variety of Reddit Feeds
* Zoom / Pan Fullscreen Reddits
* View comments
* Share via Email

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