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FireJumpersPRO is a cooperative multi-user tactical training simulator specifically designed for wildland firefighting agencies. It offers training through a gaming environment. Anyone can register an account for free and try it out, however many features will be restricted.

It features GIS generated maps of real world locations combined with accurate calculations for tile size (100ft), movement speeds (mph), cut speeds (chains/hr), water capacity(gal), water input/output speeds (gpm) and so much more!

The main purpose of FireJumpersPRO is to give wildland firefighting agencies a great and affordable simulator. After speaking with countless wildland firefighters over the years, we were able to incorporate many of their ideas into FireJumpersPRO, such as being able to train on GIS maps of their familiar areas, to customize their units to better reflect their squad capabilities, to have a dynamic randomized fire model to keep things different every time and to be able to manipulate weather conditions and terrain properties.

Basically, FireJumpersPRO is the combination of a fire spread model with a fire suppression model. Agencies also have access to detailed analytics such as acres on fire, acres burnt, total water used per unit (and combined), total chains cut and more!

Imagine what your training session would look like with an online and mobile wildland firefighting simulator at your fingertips. Everyone can participate in this highly interactive & cooperative simulator. No one needs to be on the sidelines watching with their hands in their pockets. Imagine everyone doing their small part, with the tools to coordinate teams, and they don't all need to be in the same room.

Do you have a current fire situation now? Would debriefing on a custom GIS map of your situation using units specifically designed to reflect your squad capabilities help right now? This is how we believe FireJumpersPRO can be of benefit to any wildland firefighting agency!

With a subscription, your agency will have access to many features such as:

- Create private rooms
- Unit Editor: Create custom units and save them to the server for your training scenarios. You'll have access to all unit parameters, from movement speeds, water capacity, effective range, can transport unit, water and/or retardant, is road only, cut speeds, dozer speeds and more!
- Terrain Editor: Update terrain types and customize fire behavior and movement restrictions as well as visual appearance.
- Wind Indicator: Change wind speed & direction and it's random behavior parameters
- Game Speed: Access to speeding up the game up to 50x (max 1x for free users)
- Screenshot: Sometimes you just need to take a picture!

This mobile version is a support app for the online version at

Visit to learn more on FireJumpersPRO, it's features, Video Tutorials, Pricing Models and more.

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