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With this candle light you will be able ro create a perfect atmosphere with your partner. This kind of flash candle will allow you to simulate the presence of a candle wherever you go at night. We are currently working to release new versions with many other features, such as turn off the flame, light it back again, or decide the size and color of the flame. At the moment 6 candles are available (classic, dark gothic, old style, birthday and party, romantic and love).

Candle Light requires permission to keep your screen awake, so that you will not have a just 30 seconds candle :)

Don't worry about your battery life, because this app has been developed in order to usejust a tiny little bit of energy and CPU. With this new update, this app does not require any further application setup (such Adobe AIR), allowing you to setup just the candle light app (just 10 MB).

Enjoy and share!

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