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Welcome to the most amazing kids games. The main character in this memory game is Princess Juliet, the famous princess from most popular princess games you have already seen so far.

Our main goal is that you have a lot of fun and spend a wonderful time with princess Juliet in this fun kids games.

Koobs was kidnapped by the evil clown and you need to help Juliet figure out where he is hidden and save him. We have to solve a few memory games but we are sure that will be fun and solve all of them.

In the first part of these kids games you are in the House of Horror, riding a little train and trying to solve the first memory game. Here you meet terrifying characters like witches, vampires, werewolves and mummies. Make sure you don't get scared and you focus and solve the mysteries from our fun games for girls.

Find all the missing pieces of the map hidden in the first level of our princess games for girls where it is needed to find out who kidnapped Juliet's friend and move on in our adventure for kid 4 year old.

At the end of first level, recommended for kids 5 year old, you see from this map that an evil clown kidnapped Koobs and the kids games will take you to the Mirror Room. After Mirror Room you visit the Tarot Cards room and the Wheel of Fortune.
Here you also need to play a few kids games to reveal other mysteries.

When you spin the Wheel of Fortune you get a memory game that will require all your attention to be solved. At Tarot Cards we need solve the witch puzzle which is another kid memory game. In Mirror Room is required to spot the differences and this will be very simple because you already played a lot of princess games for girls.

The only clue we will reveal to help kid 4 years old and kids 5 years old is that a flower is missing from the princess's dress.

In last level of our kids games, the most difficult one, you will find princess Juliet's friend after you solve yet another kid memory game.
The main problem is that throughout the level there are two other clowns that are watching you, and we need to hide from them while you search for the clues that will help you find Koobs.

These princess games are very entertaining and the 5 years old kids can compare it with hide and seek, that we all played in our childhood.
In clown's tent you will find several locked monsters and Koobs is in one of the cages. To get the key from evil clown you have to find 3 balls and a rifle. You will use the rifle to practice target shooting on the clown.
When you hit the target the clown will fall into the water and we will be able to get the key and free Koobs from its cage.

Our kid memory game it's recommended for any kid 4 years old , 5 years old or older. All kids love our Princess Juliet games for girls so you will certainly love our princess games too.

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