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GEOMETRIC is an application destined to students who attend classes in technical drawing and geometry. The purpose of the application is to provide a tool for practical and quick access to contents about plane geometry, with a part destined to the basic theory and the other part, which is the heart of the application, designed to teach the basic geometric construction in technical drawing.

All the geometric construccions are explained step by step, with the correponding image and the explanatory text.

1. Drawing tools
2. Drawing fundamentals
3. Triangles
4. Quadrilaterals
5. Polygons
6. Transformations
7. Tangency
8. Technical curves

The sections 1. Drawing tools 2. Drawing fundamentals and 3. Triangles are for free. The total content is available by integrated purchase.

Languages Included:
- English
- French
- Spanish
- Catalan

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