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Learn to digest food as and when it arrives in the body, by arranging the digestive organs in the correct order and giving them the right amount of power. Assimilation of food requires varying amounts of energy according to the type of foodstuff. For example, a steak demands more effort from the stomach than an apple does. Plan your attack with speed and strategy to deal with more and more complex food. Watch out you don’t dry out during digestion!

This game helps you understand how the organs of the gastrointestinal tract work. You will also learn about the nutrient composition of food.

On a scientific level, some actions presented in the game are not exact as they are adapted to obtain a better gameplay. In reality, the salivary gland is only associated with the mouth, saliva does not reduce all food fragments into nutrients and we do not have more than one stomach, liver and pancreas in our bodies.

Alimentarium, Food Museum.

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