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Celerity is a free arcade game on Android with a frenetic gameplay. This game provides 8 exciting modes, and will entertain you for hours.It provides you achievements and leaderboards on Google Play Games.

Celerity contains eight different modes:
• Crescendo: in this mode, your enemies will become stronger and stronger.
• Minesweeper: you cannot shoot. Your only way to destroy your enemies is by reaching bombs.
• Zones: you can shoot only in a small area available for ten seconds. Then, this area appears somewhere on the playground.
• Prey: you cannot move, however the enemies come to you.
• Alternate: every 5 seconds, you cannot move or you cannot shoot.
• Heroic: there are many enemies, but you also have some bombs.
• Race: in this mode, you have a huge playground with items that increase your speed. The faster you are, the higher your score will be!
• Timed: you have 60 seconds to earn the maximum of points. You can also have extra 5 seconds by reaching items.

Celerity has also a special mode called "Mode of the Month", that is changing every month with a different leaderboard. Every month, the player who owns the highest score is the Champion of the Month.

This free game comes with a website: http://celerity.chocogames.be. In this website, you can see publics leaderboards and a summary of your performances.

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