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Elementary and junior high school science classes to be used when associated with light, and individual learning in the classroom as well as to work with the actual experiment were in the process. "The actual use in educational measures in the class> 1. Light straight-shadow experiment: the size of the shadow in the light grows closer I know, and I will be smaller if and when you are away, and then tested in a real light in this program using the virtual experiments, virtual experiments with a line in the path of light because they appear easier to understand why so little has been - pinhole camera experiment: in the case of pinhole cameras pinhole cameras made for students to create a different reason to overturn himdeuna virtual experiments to understand the Duke alone at the head of rabbits with departed from the path of light and the bridge started to track the path of light because it can be easily understood why the two overturned. The reflection of light - the reflection of light experiments: experiments on the reflection of light on the actual mirror reflection of the light path of the eye is difficult to measure the angle of view is difficult, when using virtual experiments can easily see the path of light, the angle of reflection makes it easy to find out it may be easier to understand the laws of reflection-mirror test: seems different from the light side mirrors The reason for the change, and public support can play in the mirror I can easily understand how 3. Refraction of light - light refraction experiment: to see the path of light in the visible and you can not actually try the path of refraction in diamond observe that looked easy to understand for refractive-lens construction Experiment: Construct the convex lens of the experiment In some cases varied depending on the position of the object occurs when you perform the experiment using a virtual testing applications where the lens and the object, which is released, which can predict what is going to look like different places, and compared with the actual experiment as you can conduct experiments 4. Light scatter-prism experiment: how light shines through a prism and broken down to find out whether, if there is no prism what happens in the case of monochromatic light, or whether the experiment can be divided. And what color kkeokyineunji more easily understood by observing the principles of light can be distributed 5. Synthesis of light-light synthetic experiment: the three primary colors of light combined with what I can find any color you can experiment and, in particular the shadow color to the process of building understanding through experimental synthesis of light and easy to understand the principles that "a common way to use > 1. Press the MENU key to go to the main screen, which should always be eseodeunji screen. 2. Check back after pressing exit any screen eseodeunji may be terminated. 3. From the main screen, press the button on the desired item you want, you can perform virtual experiments. 4. Virtual experiments are common at the bottom of the screen, select a couple of buttons to select the desired conditions were to be turned on or off. 5. In experiments with gravity sensors to use the button at the top left of the G sensor placed in the tilt of your phone was to conduct experiments, using a gravity sensor that does not have to do if you deselect. 6. Select a virtual experiment with your fingers if you need to drag a virtual experiment to start or G button to select the sensor you need to manipulate the body in a red circle flashing in was so easy to find. 7. Home button, which placed the lower-right corner of the screen to move back to aphwamyeon was eseodeunji.

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