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*This application requires Adobe AIR!*

*NEW* - scoring system!!!
*NEW* - ranking system!!!

The goal of this game is to match the target pattern using two actions - translation and rotation. The levels are generated randomly, so the player will face different challenges every time a new game is started. The player needs to think ahead like in a game of chess. There is always a 'Key' button available, which shows a possible solution. Please read the 'Rules'. If the players hit wrong button there is an 'Undo' button, which goes one move back, and 'Init' button that clears the board. The 'Key' button is available only when the board is clear. The game features an original background music composed by Yordan Velichkov. The game features 90 levels with solutions starting from 1 to 8 moves. The game frequently saves its current state.

The game has a scoring system, that grants points for each completed level. Additional points are granted for fast solutions. The 'Key' help system is now spending earned points to reveal solutions. Every new game starts with 1 point bonus that can be spent by new players to solve the first level. The game also features now a ranking system. Each player can insert an email* that will be used as an unique ID. So everyone can now compete with other players. Good luck with your best scores and most of all - have fun.

* You can use fake email address, but if you want to be sure that it is unique, you can use a real one. Your email address will never be shared with any 3rd parties and will never be exposed.

Exercise your brain, because it is what makes everything else work.

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