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Inspired by the classic 2048 game structure, Fuzzy Monsters challenges players in both a campaign mode and free mode of play.

The campaign mode pits the Fuzzy Monsters against their nemesis, the evil Dr. Unger, whose malicious plan is to capture all the monsters so he can be King of the Land of Fuzzy Monsters. Players team up with their Fuzzy Monster friends to help them elude capture and defeat the Doctor’s plan.

The free mode of play includes the classic 2048 game structure as well as infinite and extreme modes. Can you succeed in creating the 4096 monster? Probably not... And as for the extreme mode: odds are you won’t survive it! As always, swipe the screen to move the monsters around your board. Combine the monsters to create new and more powerful Fuzzy Monsters.

If you get stuck, spin the wheel to get a boost.

The Fuzzy Monsters: 2048 game can be played on a mobile phone (Android or iPhone), desktop and tablet.

Start swiping Fuzzy Monsters today! It’s the fuzziest game in town!

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