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When you’re at school each and every day, you may find that your lock becomes untidy. If this happens, it can be a while before you clean it up, well not any more with the School Locker Clean Up game! Challenge yourself before the time runs out to see if you can place all the items back in their rightful places. Clean the rubbish from locker and use the tools to clean and scrap off any excess drawings and paint. Cleaning up your school locker has never been this easy with the School Locker Clean Up game so why not challenge your friends or yourself today.

- STRAIGHTEN your school items on each shelve

- REMOVE chewing gum and rubbish using the white hand

- MOVE your backpack into the bottom shelf

- BRUSH and scrub off the painted pictures with the scrubber

- TROWEL off messy paint blobs and stickers with the trowel

- ENJOY the new and tidy locker you have created for yourself

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