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A picture speaks a thousand words. With just a few pictures, would you be able to understand the hidden meanings and derive the four-character Chinese idiom? Pictures in the game could represent characters in the idioms or meaning of the idiom, maybe even having to use a combination of pictures to form the meaning of the idiom. That is for you to find out!

Think you know the answer, but did not get it right the first time? Watch out for characters that look or sound similar for they could just be red herrings to trick you... If you need to remove a wrong character, simply tap on it.

Picturing Idioms provide a fun and interesting way to learn or strengthen your grasp of the Chinese language, in particular Chinese idioms. This application can be used by someone wanting to improve or revise his/her knowledge of Chinese idioms, or given to a child to keep them occupied in a healthy and educational way!

This game menu now supports Simplified Chinese, English, and Traditional Chinese languages! Everyone should download and give it a try!

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