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With this app you will be able to speed up your monopoly game by acting as a digital banker. It works with all sorts of board themes!
First you will configure the settings, like number of players, tokens' colors, names, initial balances, etc.
Then, you'll be presented with the banker screen, in which you can perform the game's most important operations, such as:

- Collect money from bank or other player
- Pay bank or other player
- Collect salary
- Throw dice

Plus, you can instantly generate a standings table at anytime to show to other players.
And, of course, you can save your game to continue later on.

You can add up to 3 players with the FREE version. If your game has more than 3 players, please buy the PRO version!

Hope you enjoy it!

***This app requires Adobe Air. It's a free app from Adobe that allows you to run many games and apps.***

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