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The Top Rated Sports Whiteboard app for the PlayBook is now available on your Android tablet!

PlayCreator is an essential sports whiteboard application for coaches and players to draw up plays and tactics. Instantly create plays by dragging and dropping Xs and Os to show offensive and defensive positions. Full and half field scenes are available for Hockey, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Field Hockey and 3 types of Lacrosse (Men's Field Lacrosse, Women's Field Lacrosse and Box Lacrosse), as well as a blank white board for drawing or sketching other information.

New in 1.1:
- Added Field Hockey, Cricket and Rugby fields
- Added a Screenshot button to the Save/Load menu to save a screenshot of the current play to your device's storage which can be shared outside the app
- Added a referee object which can be placed in a scene
- Improved play Saving speed

- Multi-colored Marker for circling and identifying areas or players in a play
- Straight and Free-Form Arrow tool for showing direction
- Sport appropriate Balls
- Pylons and Referees for drawing up training exercises
- 20 Different Scenes for 10 sports (Half and Full field backgrounds for Hockey, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Field Hockey, Rugby and 3 types of Lacrosse (Men's Field Lacrosse, Women's Field Lacrosse and Box Lacrosse), as well as Cricket and a blank scene). More sports coming soon...
- Eraser tool for clearing only specific objects (marker only, arrows only, objects only or clear all)
- Move tool for moving objects or arrows around in an already drawn play
- Full Undo and Redo of all actions
- "Lock tool" so the scene can be touched with a finger without moving or drawing on the existing play
- Save an unlimited number of plays on your device and call them up at any time.
- Take screenshots with the Camera tool and email them to your teammates/players.

** Send your field requests (and other feature requests) to if you don't see a field that you need!

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