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Welcome to the Adventure Escape Joy Pirate Ship Escape Game. In this Adventure game you have to escape from the Pirate Ship. You have been capture in the Pirate Ship and you have to escape from it. Solve the puzzle and fine the right object to escape the Pirate Ship. If you feel hard to play stuck in any area just click the walkthrough button to know how to solve the puzzle and how to open the all lock to escape from the Pirate Ship. You have to Unlock the lifeboat and Escape from the Pirate ship. Find the 2 piston to release the lifeboat. Use the symbols, keys, handsaw, locks, magic water and etc to escape from the island. In this game you have a surprise in the game end. This is Adventure escape game's Third series and you will get more numbers in future. Read the walkthrough and play it step by step.

Full free no in app purchase.
In this game have 9 language walkthrough.
Magic water.
Make your Brain development and Brain sharper.
Game with Walkthrough.
Point, click, and drop only use for puzzle solving.
Safe game for kids.
Best Time pass.
Adventure Escape series.

Mission : Unlock the lifeboat and Escape from the Pirate ship.

Room 1 : Which is have Prison bars door.
Room 2 : Which room have wooden door and left side fire cannon.
Room 3 : Which room have open door way and left side black and white frame art.
Room 4 : Which is have arch ceiling and left side telescope.
Room 5 : Which is have ladder at right side.
Ship Top

Note the designs at the right side of Room 1. Count the shapes and know the shape positions.
Apply the shoes at the right side barrel at Room 1. Note the number 4213.
Apply the height with the help of the 4213 number in left side cell door at room 1 and take the nail picker hammer.
Pick the nails in left side wood box at left side of Room 1 and take the Cell key.
Open the cell door and come to Room 2.

Take the blue fish symbol at the second lamp (from right) of Room 3.
Watch and note the L’s angels at the first window (from left) of Room 2.
Apply the noted L’s angel at the right side first frame of Room 3 and take the green fish symbol.
Fix the 2 fish symbols at the ladder lock of Room 5. Open it, now you can go the Ship top.

Take the red key near the right side group of barrels in Room 1.
Note the Numbers at the right side lamp in Room 4.
Note the symbols at the left side photo in Room 5. Use the symbols count, the number and the red key to open the lock which is the middle of Room 3 and take the Shape 1.

Goto the Telescope and watch and Note the stars at Room 4. Count the stars and know the stars positions.
Apply the stars at the left side wooden box at the Room 4 and get shape 2.
Goto Ship top and fix the puzzle at the right side of box and take the Shape 3.
Goto Room 2 and get the Shape 4 at the Room 2 Door’s left side lock.

Apply all 4 symbols at the right side photo frame at Room 2 and Get the Lifeboat switch 1.

Note the 4 Bottle colours at the Room 5 and apply the colours at the colour lock in right side drawer at the Room 2 and get the Shell 1.
Goto Room 2 and near the door’s left side lock and note the 8 numbers.
Goto Ship top and near the middle barrel, press the 8 buttons as like the number and get the hand saw blade.
Cut the rope at the Room 5 with the help of hand saw blade.
Take the anchor at the Right side of Room 5.
Goto Room 3 and near the ground lock fix the anchor and tie the rope the take the Green symbol.
Note the flowers and the colours at the right side ship top.
Apply the flowers at the right colour in left side wooden box at the Room 3 and get the spanner.
Use the spanner to unlock the barrel lock at left side barrel in Room 2 and Get the Shell 2.
Goto Room 4 and near the right side barrel and get the Shell 3 in rear the barrel.
Get the Shell 4 at the Right side frame at Room 4.

Fix the all 4 shells and the green symbols at the left side photo frame at Room 3 and get the lifeboat switch 2.
Balance walkthrough is in the game.

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