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The Bridge Bidding Box app simulates any bridge bidding just as a regular game played at the Club. Simply tap and bid and let the app keep track of Dealer, Contract, Declarer, Lead, and Vulnerability.

Use it as a Teaching tool! -Connect your device to a TV!

Go over a past bidding scenario or practice conventions with Partner.

Adobe® AIR®
Android 2.2 and later

Works great on any display size Mobile Phones, Tablets, and TV:s.

4 Human Bidders: 
-Replaces the need for Bidding Boxes
-Tracks and rotates Vulnerability
-Tracks and rotates Dealer
-Tracks and displays Declarer/Lead

1 or 2 Human Bidders: 
-Create bidding scenarios
-Teaching tool - connect your device to a big screen for group display
-Discuss/practice conventions and scenarios with Partner

Simple Instructions:

1.  Select orientation by tapping the START button aligned to your preferred view/position.

2. Select number of HUMAN bidders that will interact with the application. 

3. Anyone can start being the dealer. Tap the "Tap to Bid" to make a bid. 

4. Next bidder in turn can now bid by tapping "Tap to Bid"/Turn Arrow/ or any previous bid made

5.  Bidding will end after 3 consecutive PASS bids. Bidding will now be hidden and only final contract and Declarer/Lead is displayed on the Next Board menu.

6. After playing the board, tap "Next Board" Vulnerability/Dealer is automatically set.


Tap the "TD" button in the center to access options to change current vulnerability and turn vulnerability rotation on/off. On the TD menu you can also undo last bid and perform various resets. Instructions and ability to contact support can also be found here.


Any bid in the current board can be undone. Simply tap the last bid made to bring up a choice to undo the bid. Last bid can also be undone from the TD menu. 

Next Board Menu:

You will automatically reach this menu after 3 consecutive PASS bids. The bidding made can be reviewed by the "Review Bidding" button. Bidding can again be hidden by the "Hide Bidding" button. Last bid made can also be undone from here.


You can quit the application at anytime by clicking your device's menu button. It will bring up a prompt asking if you want to quit.

Screen Time Out:

This free application does not have access to your device's screen settings. Don't worry if the screen blacks out while you are playing the deal as it saves your battery. Once reactivated, this application will take you back  just where you left off.

Bidding Timer:

The rotating text around the TD button can be used as a timer as it makes one full turn in about 1 minute. Handy for speeding up slow players.


Adobe® AIR® 

Android 2.2 and later

Both Tablets and Mobile Phones are supported.

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