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You've collected millions of money in the bank robbery.
To live a good life in Brazil, you have left the country with the first plane.
Before arriving in Brazil, the robbery turns out and they know you're on the airplane.
You're jumping from the plane with a parachute. Skydive Amazonas for a safety place to landing,
but you accidentally pull the zipper of the bag where the money instead of parachute cord.
All the money is flying over the Amazon Rainforest.
You stole a lot of money, the forest is covered up completely.
You're climbing a dangerous jungle unharmed.
No man before you entered into this jungle.
Dangerous crazy monkey swing from vine to vine and trying to hit you with a stick.
You must collect the coins quick and escape the jungle.

The story ends here and your Adventure begins now.

Let's see how much cash you'll grab these dangerous environments.
Be careful, wild animals may bite your hand.

4 different environments: Jungle, Cave, River, Swamp
6 different animals: Funky Monkey, Black Snake, Amazing Spider, Moray eel, Sea urchins poisonous, the Crocodile
+ Animal sound effects

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