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Best Monkey Games.
Grab the money from the crazy monkey is an addicting action game that involves lots of actions and reflex playing. It is all about grabbing money in different dangerous and messy environments, when you, the player, have lost all your hard earned money in the violent jungle and now you are chasing the money to grab it.
The motto of the game: Money or Death

Ape Games theme:

You've accumulated millions of money by the bank robbery. You wanted to escape to Brazil; you have left for the country in the first plane. Before reaching in Brazil, the robbery turns out and cops found you in the plane. You're jumping off the plane with a parachute. Instead of unzip the parachute you have unzipped accidentally the bag where the money was kept. Now you have found the moneys are flying over the Amazon forest. All your money is covered up completely by the dangerous forest. You're climbing in the dangerous jungle where no one stepped in before you.

The story ends here and your Adventure begins now.

How to play the Monkey game:

Collect the cash again avoiding clash with the wild avengers in the amazon rainforest.
There are total 10 levels in this grab the money game where first three (1, 2, and 3) levels are to be played with monkey in jungle environment.
Levels 4, 5, and 6 are to be played are to be played against aggressive spider and dangerous snake, and the environment will be inside a scary cave.
Levels 7, 8, and 9 will be played in river environment with deadly urchins and poisonous Moray eel
Level 10 will be played in swamp environment with the dangerous alligator.

You can install the free game to play the first three levels; but if you want to play the whole chasing rounds for grabbing the money you need to install the paid version, which is ad free and will complete the whole chasing round…it’s a complete package of pure entertainment and thrilling chase.

The amazing features of the app:

+ It has a brilliant user interface,
+ With colorful animation and vibrant graphics, it is an amazing piece for entertainment unlimited on your android device,
+ It has total 10 levels under different environment: grab the money chasing will be based on jungle, river, cave and swamp against deadly wild animals and their attacks.
+ There is background music: the music is the animal sound you are playing with.

In order to play the game you have to install Adobe Air on your device; this Adobe application is available free.
Feeing crazy to start chasing the money lost? Download the paid version of Grab the money and play all the levels on your mobile as much as you wish.

It will be a pure entertainment for you where you will be able to play unlimited!!
This game can be played offline on your android device.

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