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Please Note : This game requires Adobe Air Runtime, which is available on the market for "free", you will be asked to install Adobe air runtime after you install this game, please select 'yes'.

Please download Adobe Air first and check if your device is compatible with it. Without Adobe Air, you wont be able to play this game.

'Onym' is a new recruit in Ant-Ville's Sugarcube collection team. His objective is to collect as many Sugar cubes as he can before winter strikes.Also, Onym has a crush on a fellow lady ant but in order to express his feelings, Onym needs to go through a tough journey
He has set a journey to help Ant-Ville collect sugarcubes aswell as collect hearts for the queen.In order to help Onym, while playing the game, tap the screen to throw the cube whenever there is a likelihood that some ant might catch it. Onym can collect hearts only if he is holding the cube.Onym has some friends and few enemies that you might encounter while helping Onym on his journey.There are in all two worlds which include 60 levels, in order to complete each level you will require skill, logic and practise.
The controls of the game are simple taps and use of motion sensor (accelerometer) sometimes.

This game was brought to you by:

Jaydeep Untwal
Suvi Pandey
Shaan Panda
Vatsal Parekh

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