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Escape Games: Bomb Squad 1

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Escape Games: Bomb Squad 1

Play Point and click Escape Game, Bomb Squad 1. Find Bomb and defuse it.

Get ready for the world toughest job. You are a Bomb Squad Specialist. Here you have a call from a city that they have bombs in four places. There are four bombs in Hospital, Shopping mall, School and Bank. Your job go and find the bombs where its all. And find the clue box which has all bomb defuse clues and defuse all bombs. Have a great work.


Point, click, drag, and drop only use for puzzle solving.
No chance to see this type of game before.
Ultimate enthusiastic many parts of the cave.
Free of cost.
Updated with new Level.
100% Free to Download.
Awesome Graphics and technic.
Best Adventure Game for free.
Brian Skill improvement for Puzzles to Solving.
Free Escape Game.
More than an hour game play.
Find Hidden Objects in the given map.

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