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Can you imagine a summer with cold temperatures, freezing wind and open ice? Brr-r-r-r... No? Yes! Welcome to Antarctic summer! Our buddies Aptenodytes Forsteri, or simply Emperor penguins don't lose heart and throw fun parties in full swing. The ice-cold party season is open for you and your friends in Tap the Bubble 2: Penguing Party! Burst bubbles as fast as you can, multiply pints by tapping the same colored bubbles, create combos, make new friends and compete with players around the world in online mode! Get on board, this is a new popping bubble Olympic games! Download the game, chill down and have fun!

Scientific facts:
? Unique FREE online gameplay with fast-paced bubble tap racings!
? Play with friends and prove you are the toughest penguin
? Improve your skill level and access new charms
? Unlock new Fish Bubbles!
? Wintery graphics

Can you beat a penguin?
Yes! You little! (c) Homer Simpson.

Don't be so sure, penguins are not that little! These guys stand about 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall, weight 40 kg and they are very good at popping bubbles. This is not a thing to mess with! But, make sure you try! It is fun =)! Discover the penguins' unique abilities and enjoy variable bubble popper gameplay. Tap the bubbles faster then your ice cream loving friends and score billions of points to win. Double your score tapping the same colored bubbles and use explosive power-ups. Unlock the fish bubbles to charge your winning tap!

The game offers a unique online gameplay experience! Challenge your facebook friends and play a turn-based sessions. You can work out your own strategy to beat the opponents. Send gifts, messages and take on tough tap the bubble races with the people you know! Submit results to the global leader board and win awards. Easy-to-learn, hard-to-put-off and hilarious game system awaits for you in Tap the Bubble 2. Mmmmmm... Tap the Bubble 2: Penguin Party... Incredibly simple, but surprisingly fun. Get the game and make your day!

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