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EGG DEFENDER: an evolution based tower defense game!

You play as the brood mother of a rapidly expanding nest of ravenous creatures. Lay and hatch eggs to defend your nest. It is your duty to both protect your eggs and feed your young! Eradicate the indigenous slime population by devouring their biomass. Use it to evolve your children into larger, deadlier weapons of destruction.

Unlike other tower defense games, EGG DEFENDER involves the creative and more complex side of manipulating the invading monsters path by carefully crafting a maze of eggs and creatures.

-Set deadly labyrinths by building the path that enemies must take.
-Tap to strike from below as the Brood Mother.

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28 Towers!
5 Enemies!
Boss waves!
In game user interaction!
A hopelessly endless number of waves!
Multiple maps!
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This game was carried from scratch to playable proof-of-concept by students in less than 15 weeks as part of a rigorous collaboration between the Academy of Art University’s Game Design and Illustration departments.
Games are designed and optimized for the Nexus 7 Tablets but are playable on other devices as well.
For educational and demonstrative purposes only.
Design, development, and art by AAU students.
Leadership, direction, and some tools provided by AAU faculty.
Property of the Academy of Art University.
All Rights Reserved.

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