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Pop Puff and Away! is a deceptively cute but challenging puzzle game that is easy to pick up for beginners but still sports a challenge for those who loves puzzle games.

The objective of the game is to guide the two protagonists, Pop the Bear and Pop the Dinosaur, in collecting all the cupcakes in every level. Scattered on each level are arrows that when stepped on, throws the stepper in the direction the arrow is pointing at. The aim is to manipulate the arrows so that Pop and Puff can get the cupcakes in the least number of turns possible.

== Product Features ==
• 70+ levels to solve!
• 5 different worlds each with their own unique puzzle mechanic!
• Easy to pick up for beginners...
• But also challenging for puzzle lovers!

== Awards and Recognition ==
• Finalist for Best Kids and Family Friendly Game at Casual Connect Asia 2015
• Finalist for Best Mobile Game at Philippine Game Festival 2014

== Press Reviews ==
• "Playing Pop Puff and Away is a pure puzzle solving experience that puzzle-genre fans will find themselves playing for hours without ever being taken out of the game." - TechRaptor
• "It’s simple, it’s cute, and the later levels are challenging enough to keep the player involved. In the end what more can you want from a puzzle game with cute critters?" - HaoGamers

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