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Are you ready kids? Spring is here, let’s play!
It is sunny in our bug world, and all the bugs are buzzing with excitement. Test your memory and hunt down all the matching cards to hatch the buglings! Personalize your game by deciding which clues you want to match on each card. You can match pictures, words, shapes, and sound. See how many memory card modes you can make. You can even add your own words and record secret clues in our next update. Make matches to earn coins and choose from loads of coloring pages. With 20 vibrant crayons, you can let your imagination run free! Save your coloring progress or start all over. Hit undo or start another drawing. You can do all of this and much, much more.

For Educators and Parents

This is a memory matching word game designed by teachers with fun and learning in mind. There are four lists, including Essentials for primary school, and dedicated 1st and 2nd grades. Our lists include Dolch Sight Words and is based on our phonics program. The phonic method of teaching uses the common sense premise that it is better to learn a concept instead of individual words. For example, if a child is taught the -ight sound (s)he can spell words like night, might, sight etc. much faster that learning one word at a time.

The big bonus is that you can add your own custom words, including voice recordings! Kids are rewarded for learning with simple, easy-to-use coloring pages, which they can save for later use.


Creative coloring pages. Now featuring our clever clues to remember tricky words.
Memory Match – match spelling words, pictures, spoken English words, and more
Track progress with our easy to access progress trackers.

Use for

Word games in elementary school/primary school
Kids who are learning English as their second language
Summer season and Earth Day features!

About the Developers

Ace Edutainment Apps are made by teachers! We understand that not all kids learn in the same way, but we know that all kids like to play! Our phonics applications are carefully made to expand and enhance what your child learns in school. Word lists are carefully woven into engaging game-play apps that give your child hours of meaningful fun.

We understand that some kids need a little help when it comes to spelling while others need more stimulation because they are ahead of their classmates. Our apps adapt to kids’ individual skill levels. You and your child will have fun following kid-friendly progress graphs and graphics in each app. We work with kids every day. App building is absolutely the best way for us to present our lessons in an enjoyable way!

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