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Spelling Bug: Hangman is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing learning games using any word list. Traditionally the most popular word game, this is a good vocabulary game and the premium version allows adding custom words and voice recordings.

Kids practice for their weekly spelling test by adding Custom Spelling words in the paid version and record the word. When the game is played, the recorded word is played aloud, used in a sentence if recorded that way and the word as often as the student requires. Children can word at their own pace and receive instant feedback from our fun animated tutors.

Spelling Bug Hangman is a stimulating and fun way to learn spelling words. It lets children decode each word in a friendly version of traditional Hangman. Kids love trying to figure out the word before the caterpillar chew through the branch and lets the tutor fall off.

Spelling Bug Hangman is a fun game that helps kids of all ages play with their own spelling words from school or with our list that will match automatically to kids' skills level. Spelling or vocabulary words are practiced as easily as ABC, a vital literacy skill.

So kids - grab your grownup, a friend or play this spelling game on your own. Pick your very own, super cute bug avatar to play with any of the word lists. There are 6 different buffs to earn. With these you can get word clues - for example you can listen to your word or see the shape or a picture of your word. See if you can guess all the letters to spell the mystery word before the caterpillar chomps through the vine and makes the baby butterfly fall. Every time you guess correctly, the chrysalis will grow a little, but, watch out, every time you guess wrong the caterpillar will chomp on the vine!

TEACHERS NEED TO KNOW Students practice their words by Phonics word lists or word families including: CVC words, and Short and Long vowels. Designed to support visual learners as well by incorporating word shapes. This is an excellent addition to any Learning to Read and Write program and showed outstanding results with English Second Language learners too. Many word lists are included, but you can add your own. Suitable for children between 4 and 8 years old.

PARENTS NEED TO KNOW ACE Edutainment Apps are made by teachers! We understand that not all kids learn in the same way but we know that all kids like to play! Our Phonics Applications and spelling activities are carefully made to expand and enhance what your child learns in school. Word lists are carefully woven into engaging game-play apps that give your child hours of meaningful fun. We understand that some kids need a little help when it comes to spelling and others need more stimulation because they are ahead of their classmates. Our apps adapt to kidsĀ“ skill levels. You and your child will have fun following kid friendly progress graphs and graphics in each app. We work with kids every day. App building is absolutely the best way for us to bring our lessons in an enjoyable way!

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