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Little Ish is a cool fish-dude off for a peaceful swim in the vast blue ocean... Oh wait, there are lethal mines and giant Ish-eating monsters lurking beneath the waves! And they're eyeing up our fish-dude for supper.

Guide Ish through deadly waters with easy intuitive one-finger controls in this infinite swimming run adventure. Collect coins, steal precious pearls from snappy oysters and somersault into the sky whilst avoiding the perils of the deep blue sea.

Watch out for mines, giant grouper fish, spiky starfish, snap-happy oysters and treacherous tentacled sea anemones and collect as many coins as you can. Oh, and be prepared for the monstrous angler fish boss that'll come looking for you... Will you be able to defeat this monster or is battered Ish back on the menu? Ish is a stubborn dude though; he'll keep on swimming even with half a body! Or an eyeball.

Use coins to upgrade Ish with cool new skins and become a mechanical clockwork fish or a fearsome skeleton fish, and more. Buy upgrades to give Ish an edge underwater or create a new challenge with shallow seas, larger enemies or mines everywhere... Plus more!

Swim Fish is finally FREE on Android! Download now for an epic and dangerous aquatic adventure.


Endless Swimming Adventure.
Infinite Gameplay.
5 Awesome Gameplay Modes.
49 Missions to Complete.
5 Deadly Enemies to Avoid.
Defeat the Angler Fish!
5 Ish Upgrades.
5 Ish Skins.
5 Boost Items.

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