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Say no and fight back any parasite for the strong virus protection of your body! Slow down any disease and be a cool virus killer Human Body Defence: Infection. In this app you need to protect your body from the bacterim, so just shoot them up. Isn’t it the fun way to stay healthy?

Chasing a microbe is fun, the killing of a microbe is good for health, thus feel free to stop it, bomb it and shoot out. We are used to the fact that only drugs helps us when we are sick, but why not experience positive emotions attacking bacteria? This can be a modern defense- psychological attitude towards getting better!

Why not to say bacteria “My body-my territory” and create the whole army defence? There is nothing challenging but rather entertaining fun maze. We want you to experience relaxation and spend nice time while you are on the treatment or just want to find some interesting and new shooting game.

How does magic defence work? Well, first you need to relax but concentrate on not letting any bad parasite pass by! Fight it back! All you need to do is to install attacking towers at the places, where a microbe is going to appear throughout the special route that you choose. These special virus killer towers will automatically shoot the bacteria. If the quest seems slow to you, then you can just speed it up by clicking special button at the bottom of the screen. At the end of the route, there is your base that you need to protect and not let any microbe reach it!

so, you have a whole choice of different routes, where you need to stop viruses on the way to your base. The interactive interface and cheerful music will engage you into chasing microbes. Get more accumulated credit in the game that will help you buy more attacking towers. Speed up the killing to get more bonus points!

Here are some fun features of the fun maze:
•Save up more money in the game by killing microbe or by speeding up the quest
•Choose various types of paths where viruses will try to reach your base
• Install defence towers at the places of the quest where you think will be the most effective
•Check what microbe will be next on the special display
•Attractive interface and simple navigation; help is available in case you have questions

Being sick really sucks, but visually killing viruses and not letting them get to your health base is entertaining and fun. Human Body Defence: Infection is a new shooting game that has the features of arcade and adventure. We hope that you can check it out on your own and tell us what functions of it you liked most!

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