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This three-eyed cyber alien cat is hungry for some robot fish and he's going to get some no matter what! Join this crazy cat as he explores a scifi-themed robotic alien planet filled with monstrous alien seafood, including mutant anglerfishes, laser king crabs, colossal nautiluses, shuriken starfishes, and many, many more!

Cyberkat wants to catch some robot fish for dinner. So this cat has decided that it's time to do some space-fishing - using machine guns, laser pistols, and a heaping ton of explosive rockets!

— Enjoy explosive fast-paced action arcade gameplay.
— Blow up seafood-themed enemies in this unique action/runner/shooter hybrid adventure game.
— Supports two flight controls: touch & hold, or tilt functionality.
— Equip powerful microchips to enchance your cat's cyber suit and unlock new powerups.
— Craft more microchips to further expand your arsenal.
— Includes 8 worlds to explore, 4 Levels each.
— Includes epic fish-themed boss battles in each world.

This cat is hungry for some serious action-packed seafood-flavored adventure! Are you ready?

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