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An oracle world gives a random "yes" or "no".
For quick advice when it comes to decisions - or as a divination aid.

- discover a variety of resources (e.g. witchboard, magic quill)
- choose the number of required matching answers, until the final result is certain
- magical ambience caused by effects and animations

This app needs Adobe AIR!

Select between the following resources:

Magic Quill
An enchanted quill writes the answer on a piece of parchment.

Coin Toss
Flip a coin and get heads or tails. One can select, which result stands for "yes" and for "no".

Will the bewitched planchette stop at "yes" or at "no"? This talking board can help communicating with the unknown.

A small world of divination implements is awaiting.
Get a random YES or a NO from an oracle.

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