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Sudoku Bingo Halloween is the secuel of Sudoku Bingo!
It's new mix of levels will make your brain collapse

In Sudoku Bingo you have limited time to solve as many lines as you can in three different boards (one at a time). But thats not all, instead of picking your numbers for each square of the board like in regular Sudoku, the game calls the numbers for each area for you to place.

More than 50 levels to unlock
Test different challenges with boards of 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6.
Reach perfection in more than 150 different boards.

NEW! - Multiple Board patterns per level

In Sudoku Bingo, you win a game when you reach at least a Star, and to win them you need to get correct lines. Correct lines are those that don’t repeat any number. They can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
You can go one step back with the UNDO button to fix errors, but just one at a time!
It you reach the first star and the time is up, you clear the level no matter how many boards you have left.

You gain access to 5x5 boards after you win 10 Stars in the 4x4 levels, and 6x6 boards after you get 25 Stars in any combination of levels.

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