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This app simulates faces.
When your face photo is imported into the app, the app detects the position and shape of your face and automatically renders a 3D model. Your face photo will blink and change its facial expression in very lifelike, so you can experience a truly realistic simulation!

You can play cosmetic surgery simulation, makeup simulation and the like with a realistically moving photo.
Let's make laugh, angry and kissy faces at a realistically moving photo, and allow it to show us lots of feelings and expressions!
Simulated pictures can be saved in portrait onto your device or shared by SNS!

■ Function

- Morphing
- Gender (Feminine, Masculine)
- Aging (Old, Young)
- Face swapping (If you import the face photo that you want to swap, your face will be swapped.)

- Eyes (Droopy, Eyelid fold, Eye bags, Positions, Size...)
- Nose (Tip, Bridge, Flesh, Positions, Size...)
- Lip (Shape, Size, Mouth couner...)
- Face line (Fat, Slim, Round, Square...)
- Eyebrows (Shape, Size, Length...)

- Samples of makeup
- Detail (Foundation, Blush, Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Beautiful Skin...)

- Smile, Laugh, Angry, Kissy, Crying, Shy, Speak, etc

- Glasses, Beard, etc

- Save simulated photos & share them on SNS

Quick Stats

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