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An intelligent, emotional, spiritual fantasy story about taming inner demons, told as a retro-styled RPG with 'non-violent' monster-taming encounters and lots of dialogue.

The story will be released episodically. The first two episodes are free, but subsequent episodes cost a small fee. A new one will be released every few weeks, and each contains a few hours of gameplay and a ton of dialogue which will make you think, feel, care, and laugh!

Everything - concept, art, music, writing, programming, etc - is made by one person, and I've poured my soul into it! I take all feedback to heart in an effort to make the experience as good as it can be, so I'd love to hear what you think of it!


The world of Alora Fane is fading from the absence of its creator gods. This attracts the attention of other gods whose own dreams turned to nightmares, who hope a clean slate might allow them to atone.

But that is in the distance.
Deugan is more concerned about his inner issues; is he good enough, or must he be someone else to be worthy?
Meraeadyth insists the 'mental metal' of logic makes her immune to emotions which cause others distress.
Emeela longs for her soulmate, but anxiously struggles to connect with the few people she meets.
And Mardek... He's happy, because his head is empty. That is, until one of those gods makes his home there...


Back in 2007 - 2010, I created (by myself!) a series of popular online RPGs called 'MARDEK'. They affected the lives of many of their millions of players, and I get positive feedback about them even now.

I knew that many people were awaiting a sequel, but I've changed a lot as a person since then, and no longer felt connected to what I'd made as a teenager. I didn't want to abandon the story, though, and instead decided (for many reasons) to reboot it, as this. Much has changed since the original, but I feel that the result is something far more unique and meaningful.

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