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Mofeed 2 for kids and autism _ Lite
Best educational app for children of all ages
Mofeed educational program that promotes healthy child, autism, supporting education and special needs growth.
It came (beneficial) in an era full of technological innovation, to meet the growing interest in electronic educational programs. It is a useful educational program teaches and reinforces the child's development by teaching a series of developmental skills in a row and the organization, which offers the child by employing e-learning techniques using animated cartoon character known as "Mofeed". It has been designed to meet the developmental needs of the natural child, and the child growing late.
(Mofeed) is the result of a group of experts effort, in order to meet the individual needs of all children, no matter how different cultural referents, language, and geography. It seeks (Mofeed) to help parents and teachers in promoting children's development, on the basis of specific scientific methodology; that is based on the principle of scientific practices adopted on the results of research and scientific studies in the field of assistive technology.
(Mofeed)... Is a cartoon character innovative by Amera Kids Company Software Education. Aims to build and develop the child's developmental skills in all areas such as: emotional growth, social, cognitive development, self-care skills, and finally the ability to communicate development; through raised and educated sequentially for the child according to the methodology of the direct teaching method, known manner analysis tasks that It helps teachers and parents. On the education of their children and to support growth...
Field studies where our children respond with (Mofeed) faster than their response to the orders given to them shown by the parents, and teachers. Field results of our studies have shown that the employment of (Mofeed) during the learning process; to make children more cooperative and ability to learn in record time.

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