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Educational app designed for babies and toddlers aged 0-3. It stimulates language learning and it is a smart way to help children discover the names of animals. Toddlers recognize the images and listen to the names of animals. This educational game is multilingual. With this app you will keep children concentrated and learning about the different types of animals.

The main aim of this amusing app for babies and toddlers aged 0-3 is to entertain and encourage them to learn about the different types of animals seen in every day life.

The app is designed in different screens where children select an image and a voice will tell them the name of the chosen animal

This is a dog.
This is a cat.
This is a bird.
This is a rabbit.
This is a ferret.
This is a hamster.

This is a cow.
This is a pig.
This is a sheep.
This is a horse.
This is a Chicken
This is a rooster.

This is an owl.
This is a fox.
This is a wolf.
This is a reindeer.
This is an armadillo.
This is a squirrel.

This is a monkey.
This is a tiger.
This is an elephant.
This is a panda.
This is a toucan.
This is a gorilla.

This is a moose
This is a wild boar.
This is a bear.
This is a Golden eagle.
This is a White fox.
This is a mountain goat

This is a seal.
This is a walrus.
This is a penguin.
This is an octopus.
This is a crab.
This is a starfish.

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