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Add music, sounds and environments to your roleplaying games, board games and even to your storytelling sessions.

OVER 100 TRACKS are available for you to be used wherever and however you want. With this app you will have at your disposal animal and monsters sounds such as wolves, trolls, goblins, dragons, horses, etc. Also it offers you several action music tracks, drama music, mysteries and more. We can not forget the atmospheres tracks that this app include, for example, damned crypt, haunted houses, cities, taverns and so on to complete over 100 tracks of exciting, fun and high quality audio. It is designed to enrich games set in the Middle Ages, actions in fantasy worlds of knights, battles, ogres, dragons, witches, ladies, kings, queens, princes, princesses, castles, mansions, etc.

You deserve to enjoy long gaming sessions with friends and family, also you deserve those games to be fun, interesting, exciting and full of wonderful content.

Rol Master Sounds gives you a key ingredient to your leisure hours: high quality sounds, and not only that, their are not just sounds, Rol Master Sounds also provides you with music and environments. Imagine for a moment a good game of role or a board game. You are in a very intense moment where the characters are going through a dark forest. Here comes Role Master Sound, in which sound bank will find environments that will make you feel the forest with the sounds of animals, insects, wind, trees, branches, leaves, footsteps, etc. And besides forest environments, also have environments of towns, taverns, castles, crypts, caves, kitchens, haunted houses, and many more.

Forget finally making gurgling or play quietly, using to enrich Rol Master Sounds those so fun and intense moments that you share with your closest loved.

The GUI of Rol Master Sounds is simple and easy to handle. As easy as explore the bank of sounds, music and atmospheres with your fingertips. But that's not all, you can also search by text, filter by type of sound, and something else, very spectacular and useful: COMBOS.

Sounds combos are an easy-to-use functionality and very rewarding, and at the same time, useful: a combo is a sequence of sounds. You can create your own combos and play it anytime with a simple push.

Picture this: make the most of your entertainment, your games, with sounds, music and atmospheres of Rol Master Sounds, anytime, anywhere, with or without internet, because once installed, the app no longer needs to have internet connection to play the any sound, something wonderful.

Honestly, we sincerely hope you enjoy this app, and that we could do a little more fun and interesting those good games.

Remember, Rol Master Sounds PRO ME:
• Consumes few resources
• Sounds play without requiring internet
• Over 100 sounds available from the outset
• Combos functionality (custom sounds sequences)
• No ads

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